What is OpsTechnology?

OpsTechnology is an online procurement software used by property management companies and supplier to facilitate the order/invoice process. OpsTechnology offers suppliers a cost effective way to access thousands of apartment communities, along with an efficient way to conduct business with qualified buyers. Electronic invoicing eliminated printing of paper invoices, postage costs, and time spent correcting errors and tracking down missing payments. You save money and get paid faster

Why should I become an OpsTechnology supplier?

How OpsTechnology can help you save

  • Save money invoicing all of your OpsTechnology customers online, no longer spend time sending invoices by mail, filing and storing invoices, correcting invoicing errors and following up on late payments. All of your invoices are received instantly.
  • All invoices have guaranteed delivery via the OpsTechnology application. With mail and email there are no guarantees that the invoice will be received.
  • The invoice processing time is reduced by providing an invoice that in most cases requires one click approval by the property staff or approving associate. Your invoice will quickly route through the management companies system for approval and processing.

OpsTechnology’s system can be accessed 24/7, with no new IT costs

  • All suppliers need to run OpsTechnology is a PC and Internet Explorer. There is no software or hardware to buy or maintain.
  • Suppliers can access and modify data from any Internet connection, on any day of the year and at any time.

OpsTechnology can help suppliers increase revenue

  • Once suppliers have joined the OpsTechnology Supplier Community, they can upgrade at any time, have their catalog placed and maintained online, and receive purchase orders online.
  • There are a growing number of management companies searching for new suppliers online in the OpsTechnology Supplier Community each year – suppliers have the opportunity to gain business with these other management companies.
  • Free Marketing! All customers can view and use our suppliers at: http://community.opstechnology.com.

OpsTechnology gives each supplier free reporting

  • Suppliers can pull order, invoice, and other detailed reports with just a click of a button.
  • Better manage inventory with customized SKU reporting.

OpsTechnology Integration opportunities

  • OpsTechnology can seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks as well as other accounting systems
  • Suppliers can now view payment information through OpsTechnology

How can I increase my visibility for other property management company using Ops?

OpsTechnology offers all online suppliers free marketing! By joining OpsTechnology a public profile page will be displayed in OpsCommunity. The profile page includes your company contact information, description of your company, logo, product/service categories, and service locations. This page is visible to all property management companies using OpsTechnology.

Click here for more information on the OpsTechnology Supplier Community.